Omega 3.50” V-Zero™ Retrievable Bridge Plug recovered to the surface after 25 months in the well.


Our Omega 3.50” V-Zero™ Retrievable Bridge Plug was successfully recovered to the surface after 25 months in the Well, assisted by Welltec’s Tractor and Stroker Tool (Set in 78° Deviation).

Operator Challenge:

This short-term suspension had to be extended due to Covid and other planning issues. The extended time that the 3.50” V-Zero™ spent in the well could have led to potential difficulty of retrieval to the surface during planned E-line operations. The Operator turned to Omega Well Intervention to help ensure operational success.

The Result:

A pre-planned SIT was carried out between service parties (Omega WI / Welltec® and Dimension Bid) where a 3.50 V-Zero™ RBP was set in 3.50 Tubing Joint and a simulation was executed to confirm all items were fit for purpose.

The set RBP on the first run was equalized and GS pulling tool was test sheared which was followed by a second run where it was latched/stroked free and pulled back out of the test pipe with the plug Slips retracting fully and the Element relaxing back to pre-set gauge OD.

The completed onshore confirmation testing gave confidence moving forward with the offshore retrieval operation which was completed as per created programme with no incident or downtime. Prior to offshore retrieval, a Tubing Integrity test was carried out which confirmed that the RBP was still holding the required pressure 25 months from initial deployment; the plug latched first time and was pulled to the surface with no hang ups via a 2.813” restriction.

Value to Client:

The plug Body/Slips and particularly the Element was in outstanding condition and the element is back to gauge OD. Due to the clean retrieval of RBP as per pre planned onshore confirmation testing the offshore operation was executed without any problems allowing client to confirm tubing integrity, gain control of the well and plan to begin production. 

Info about the well – Dual Oil Producer , 3-1/2’’ Completion, Max deviation – 83 Deg Deviation

Where the well was – Malaysian Operator, East Malaysia

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