Introducing New Slimline Retrievable Bridge Plug.

Due to customer demand, Omega has introduced a new slimline 4.50in (3.42in OD) Retrievable Bridge Plug. The need for slimline equipment is becoming a greater requirement in the industry. Our 3.42in version provides the same sealing capabilities as its big brother (3.60in OD) from 11.6# to 15.1# with the same pressure range of 5,000 Psi within temperature ranges from 4°c all the way to 150°c.

The challenges of slimline equipment are greater due to the need to provide the same sealing capabilities of the larger sized plugs but in a smaller package. Working closely with our seal supplier and with stringent in-house testing, we have proven that our sealing element will meet the tighter restrictions seen in our clients’ wells.

David Harper, Senior Engineer for OWI comments “Enhancing the range of API 11D1 Retrievable Bridge Plug’s with our Slimline 4.5” V-Zero was a challenging but rewarding project. This was a requirement that our customers were looking for repeatedly, so we got to work in order to meet their demands!”

As with all Omega V-Zero Retrievable Bridge Plugs, our new slimline version has been rigorously tested to API 11D1.

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