Meet Kyle Warren, our SE Asia Operations Supervisor!

We were excited to chat to Kyle Warren, our SE Asia Operations Supervisor who helped to set up our new Kemaman Facility.
Kyle has nearly 11 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry. He began his career at Omega in 2014 gaining experience in the workshop before going offshore.

In 2015, he started a rotational role, primarily in field operations in Qatar and then embarked on a supervisory position in Saudi Arabia whilst overseeing operations in Abu Dhabi, Kuwait and Iraq.

Kyle then helped to set up the new Kemaman Facility in Malaysia. The team had moved into this base earlier this year in preparation for the start of a long-term contract with an internationally recognised operator. Kyle was involved in a range of activities to ensure the base became fully operational, from procuring various items to ensuring industry compliance of the warehouse and warehouse design.

Kyle’s career highlight is being involved with a high-profile job with Maersk in Qatar. This large 15+ well campaign involved Omega’s RBP’s and the use of the new 4.5” V-Zero TM RBP’s which resulted in no misruns or incidents.

“At Omega, everyone knows each other and it’s a great atmosphere. Being able to travel all over the world has been such a great experience.”

“My advice to anyone starting out in the industry is to try and gain as much knowledge as possible and get experience in different departments. Go the extra mile to better yourself for future opportunities and also do not be afraid to speak up when you think something either doesn’t look right or sounds wrong!”

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