Well Intervention Case Study: Deployment of High Expansion Gauge Hanger to Anchor Foreign Object in Operator Well

Omega Well Intervention provided a tailored oil well intervention solution to a UK Operator in January 2021, utilising our innovative High Expansion Gauge Hanger. Used as an anchor to prevent unwanted movement of objects in flowing wells, the tool was perfect for a problem that had presented itself to the Operator.

The Operator’s Challenge:

A retrievable bridge plug, deployed by another service provider, was moving around within the tubing and had become stuck in one of the Operator’s Northern North Sea gas lift oil producer wells.

With the potential to cause damage to in-hole components, and the inability to bring the well safely back online, the Operator was looking for a well intervention solution that would remove any risk of damage to the well or well barriers caused by the retrievable bridge plug moving up the well.

The Solution:

The answer was an Omega Well Intervention 2” High Expansion Gauge Hanger with Tubing Protection System. Set in 4.5″ tubing at 7,980ft measured depth, the gauge hanger was deployed directly above the retrievable bridge plug stuck in the well.

By using the High Expansion Gauge Hanger and Tubing Protection System, the Operator did not have to conduct a costly and time-consuming workover or coiled tubing fishing campaign to remove the unsecured bridge plug. This cost-effective solution reduced any potential production downtime and is just one of the cost-saving well intervention services we can provide to our clients.

Find out more about the High Expansion Gauge Hanger and contact us if you’d like to engage us for your well intervention operations.

Find out more about the High Expansion Gauge Hanger here and contact us if you would like our assistance with your well intervention operations.

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