V-MAX Retrievable Bridge Plug

Well Isolation

V-MAX Retrievable Bridge Plug

The 7” 10K V-MAX Retrievable Bridge Plug (RBP) is a high performance monobore plugging device which can be set at any required depth in the tubing or casing.

Using state of the art metal 3D additive manufacturing processes the 7.0” 10K V-MAX Retrievable Bridge plug utilises an innovative expandable back-up design to bridge extrusion gaps between the tubing and plug OD. This allows the element to reach its full sealing potential.

The RBP is deployed, equalised and retrieved using conventional well intervention methods. Deployment is achieved in one run, as is the subsequent equalisation and retrieval of the plug.
This enables a reduction in both well intervention risk and subsequent operational cost.

The plug features bi-directional slips which anchor the plug to the casing/tubing/liner ID prior to pack-off of the element to form the pressure seal.

The large ‘through bore’ design ensures full equalisation occurs prior to retrieval. This also means that secondary devices, such as Omega’s remotely activated equalising valves, can be installed onto the lower section of the RBP.

The 7” 10K V-MAX Retrievable Bridge Plug is fully qualified to the API 11D1 V0 testing standard.




Qualified to V0 10,000psi @ 177°C - 37°C

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Download the V-Max Retrievable Bridge Plug Data Sheet

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