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Roller Gauge Carrier

The Omega Roller Gauge Carrier provides a highly efficient & reliable means of deploying down hole pressure and temperature gauges when running into highly deviated well bores with slickline. The roller gauge carrier provides a robust housing for installing gauges inside, whilst incorporating shock protection springs at either end of the installed gauges.

Incorporating the design features as utilised in the Omega Roller Sub, which has been used in wells with deviations over 87 deg, the roller gauge carrier provides the capability to penetrate deeper and further into the well bore. This in turn allows the acquisition of recorded pressure and temperature data that until now has been impossible to obtain. The use of interchangeable wheels allows greater flexibility in preparing the tool to provide the greatest tool lift when deploying, whilst tailoring the size to pass through any well bore restrictions.

In addition as the wheels provide 360 deg coverage, this completely eliminates the risk of the roller wheels becoming disengaged from the tubing ID. Large roller wheel pockets, greatly minimize the effects of debris build up, which commonly impairs the effectiveness of a rolling devices.




Enables use of wireline in high deviation wells.

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Roller Gauge Carrier.

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