Pressure Activated Shut In Tool

Well Monitoring

Pressure Activated Shut In Tool

The Omega Pressure Activated Shut In Tool is a single-shot, time delay-based well pressure control device that is designed to be run below a bridge plug or lock mandrel.

It is primarily intended for use in basic well testing situations where a flowing well is shut-in downhole and the resulting pressure build up is monitored by memory gauges. The delay period is programmed at surface prior to running in hole and can be set for any interval up to 150 days. When the delay period expires, a pilot valve mechanism is actuated that allows well pressure to enter the tool and shift a sleeve, straddling the flow ports and shutting-in the well pressure below the tool. No intervention or communication from surface is required.

The Tool contains two independent sets of electronics and two pilot valve mechanisms for 100% redundancy and once closed the valve is mechanically locked in the closed position.




Programmable up to 150 days.

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Pressure Activated Shut In Tool.

Download the Pressure Activated Shut In Tool Data Sheet.

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