Downhole Tools For The Oil & Gas Industry
Omega Well Intervention Ltd is an independent well intervention technology developer and manufacturer based in Aberdeen, Scotland.
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Omega Retrievable Bridge Plug
The Omega Retrievable Bridge Plug is a high performance monobore plugging device which can be set at any required depth.
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Omega Equalisng Valve
The Omega Equalising Valve is an electronically actuated valve that allows plugged wells to be equalised or brought onto production, without the need for intervention.
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High Deviation Tool Strings
Our extensive range of field proven products for use in high deviation wells have been successfully deployed in wells with deviations of up to 84°.
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High Expansion Gauge Hangers
The Omega High Expansion Gauge Hanger provides a platform to hang gauges from, while at the same time constituting a negligible flow restriction.
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