High Deviation Tubular Jar

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High Deviation Tubular Jar

The Omega High Deviation Tubular Jar addresses the industries need for a tubular jar that has the ability to stroke closed in highly deviated wells.

Used in conjunction with the Omega Roller Subs, the tubular jar will provide both upward and downward jarring action in wells up to a proven 84 degrees deviation. This is achieved by utilising two sets of recirculating ball bushings.

The jar is extremely debris tolerant due to its larger than normal running clearance between the anvil block and outer housing. This larger clearance combined with the large ports on the outer housing and bottom sub allows for easy transfer of fluid reducing the hydraulic damping effects.

Despite the many unique features of the Omega High Deviation Tubular Jar there is no additional specialist knowledge required allowing the resident slickline crew to perform normal operations.




Provides both upward and downward jarring action.

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High Deviation Tubular Jar.

Download the High Deviation Tubular Jar data sheet.

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