Equalising Valve

Well Isolation

Equalising Valve

The Equalising Valve is an electronically actuated valve that allows plugged wells to be equalised or brought onto production without the need for intervention.

The Equalising Valve has successfully delivered a zero bubble, gas tight seal using the rigorous requirements set down by the ISO standard ISO 14310.

The field-proven onboard electronics do not need to be connected to surface as the valve is functioned with a ‘Command’ remote activation signal. The valve is programmed to recognise a unique Command pressure signature before activating and equalisation.

A laptop computer allows the ‘pressure pattern’ to be easily programmed at the wellsite as needed. The valve can be installed below any lock or plug and can be used as a shallow or deep set barrier.




Field proven electronics, with over 100 installations and a 100% activation success rate.

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Equalising Valve.

Download the Equalising Valve Data Sheet.

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