Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier

Well Surveillance & Monitoring

Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier

The Omega Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier is designed to be run as part of any coiled tubing string where pressure and temperature data is required.

A 3/4” trip ball can be pumped through the carrier to activate a hydraulic disconnect and release the tool string from an inflatable packer or as an emergency disconnect. The carrier holds two Omega Micro Automatic Gauges which can each record up to 1,000,000 data sets at any sample rate chosen by the operator.

Our complete data gathering pack comes ready to run as the gauges are fully automatic so require no field input to switch on or off.




“Run-It-Yourself” so no expensive field engineer is required.

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Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier.

Download the Coiled Tubing Gauge Carrier Data Sheet.

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